Wolfgang Zurborn – Elf Uhr Elf

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elf uhr elf - Nine of Cologne’s best-known photojournalists and photo artists have for the first time prepared the Cologne Carnival as a collaborative photographic art project. elf uhr elf sympathizes with the protagonists and the idea of the carnival itself. The Cologne Carnival is not only one of the biggest festivals in the republic, but for the Rhinelander the pure form of happiness that provides him with lasting strength and energy.

elf uhr elf creates a modern, exciting and affectionate picture of the Cologne carnival between men’s session and street carnival, between the private world of the chairmen and the public bliss of love, between reality and fairy tale. The photos show the celebration of the people in the suburbs and the international flair of the Rose Monday Parade just as the mystical and archaic and fantastic of alternative culture. Not always without clichés, but enigmatic, exhilarating and intoxicating, mysterious and imaginative.

Photographs by: Theo Barth, Ute Behrend, Thekla Ehling, Dirk Gebhardt, Matthias Jung, David Klammer, Frederic Lezmi, Nadine Preiß and Wolfgang Zurborn.
Texts about the carnival by the authors: Norbert Hummelt, Adrian Kasnitz, Martin Stankowski, Ute Wegmann, Lars Weisbrod and Christoph Wirtz.
Editorial: Ute Behrend, Thekla Ehling, Nadine Preiß
Layout: eye-d Designbüro, Stefan Dolfen
Image layout: Wolfgang Zurborn

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