Wien Lebt Magazine #1

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Not a tourist guide. Not a trend blog. Much more personal and much more intimate. Vienna doesn't just have St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna has personalities. We want to show them to you and portray ten of them in the magazine.

Ten unique stories are based on conversations with the following people:

- Muhanad Alwily, Syrian dentist
- Anita Brunnauer, designer and illustrator
- Ms. Isa, artist and illustrator
- Martin Horvath, musician and author ("Mohr im Hemd")
- Tamara Mascara, drag queen and DJane
- Hanna Oldofredi, jewelry manufacturer "Luftkuss"
- Peter Scherenhuber, director of the "Diagonale" film festival
- Philipp Wieser, student and amateur photographer
- Dominik Wlazny, musician
- Luna + Noah, models

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