Vincent Wechselberger – Ready (signed)

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Vincent Wechselberger’s first book, READY, is a humanistic portrait of contemporary queer sex work emerging from his own personal relationship with it. This series offers an accessible window into the realities of sex work – the elation and self-actualization, as well as the struggles and stigma we experience.

The book chronicles the ritual of getting ready – from physical – as sex workers prepare for the charged moment of sexual encounter. While these simple acts of getting ready may seem mundane, the personal choices reveal something profound about each of them – their vulnerabilities, hopes, and joys.

Born in 1998 in Austria, Vincent Wechselberger is a Berlin-based photographer with a semi-autobiographical focus on marginalized, queer groups – intimately representing their joy, closeness, grief and rapture whilst advocating for a more inclusive coexistence. His first print project, HOLES, released in 2023 – is a zine featuring 70 characters baring their holes, paired with stories that celebrate their relationship to this universal and taboo body part.

Photography: Vincent Wechselberger
Edit: Matt Lambert & Vincent Wechselberger
Graphic design: Marwan Kaabour & Riccardo Righi
Copy edit: Andrew Pasquier

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