Tide Magazine #4

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Love and Nostalgia feel like two sides of one mountain, two sides of one coin, two mingling bodies, dancing one passionate waltz.

Among the contributing artists, Ruth van Beek depicts her Objects of Love, Louis Dewynter & Miguel Triano found peace and quiet in OWL’s furniture atelier, Nicole Maria Winkler films the repetition and the lightness of being, Rebekka Deubner shares colorful photograms reflecting her mother’s presence in her series Strip, Jean-Pierre Blanc gives us his insights into the International festival of Hyères, illustrated by Alice Meteignier, while Alessandro Furchino Capria’s blue socks give a nice twist to the timeless theme, Love and Nostalgia.

This fourth issue of Tide magazine is an ode to this pendulum, source of life and creation. The talents respond with their own plastic, formal and intuitive interpretations. Answers are given with an open heart. This quest for authenticity is Tide’s lifeblood, and we hope it will inspire you too.

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