Thomas Steineder – Algorithmic Walking

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Algorithmic Walking is an artistic walk of a given algorithmic route with an associative documentary approach. The work focuses on the construction of images out of my subjectively lived, perceived and experienced landscape, as a walker, drawn on site and out of my memories. After discovering the „situationist international“ and examining their theories of the „dérive“ and „psycho-geography“ I accidentally found this special algorithm, which could be described as the boundaries of the public transport core zone of Vienna, which I followed.
Spatial perception and the construction of possible spaces, with installative and performative elements, fed by associations (which walking brings along) are combined and expanded with images that refer to the memory of these spaces. Like memory itself, the images of the route are altered, either in front of the camera or after scanning the medium format negatives on the computer. Algorithmic Walking makes an attempt to question our agreements about the construction of reality, refusing to accept the seen and perceived as evident and real in a linear way, creating images which address these issues.

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