Reloved Magazine #1

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The magazine of circular design. Second-hand, thrifted, pre-loved, upcycled – whatever term you prefer, Reloved is the first magazine dedicated to pre-owned objects and the people who celebrate them.

Reloved Media, a joint venture between Swiss publishers Europa Star and Large Network, is launching the first magazine dedicated to pre-owned objects. The publication, called Reloved, features exceptional objects that have become particularly desirable over time: watches, jewelry, furniture, clothing and accessories, as well as bicycles, musical instruments, design objects, games, and more. What these objects from the past have in common is that they remain relevant and useful today, and have even increased in value over time. They can be purchased, and the magazine explains how to do so.

With its rich illustrations and compelling narratives, the magazine delves into the stories behind these cult objects, highlighting the human adventures that have made them truly exceptional. Through its pages, readers are transported to fascinating eras of the past, with these objects serving as witnesses to their times.

The magazine also features insights from historians and experts who shed light on the evolution of the second-hand market, as well as interviews with passionate enthusiasts who have discovered joy in it.

Pre-owned items are often a beneficial and eco-friendly alternative to new products, and the magazine offers practical guidance on purchasing these items and maximizing their value. It is designed for readers from all socio-professional backgrounds who share a desire for quality. The magazine itself reflects this demand through its curated content, thoughtful layout, visually stunning illustrations, iconography, and storytelling.

The power of the images printed on high-quality paper draws readers in to explore the magazine. The human aspect and emotional connection to the subjects make the articles engaging, while the meticulous storytelling ensures readers are captivated until the end.

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