Rebekka Bauer – Die Aufstellung

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The artist's book DIE AUFSTELLUNG by Rebekka Bauer deals with the passing on of traumas from the Second World War in the home of a German family. The starting point is an archive of over 500 metal objects that the artist's grandfather, a former Wehrmacht soldier, made over several decades in the cellar of the family home. The objects, hundreds of candlesticks composed of a bizarre variety of dented metals and everyday objects such as taps or metal springs, become carriers of trauma in the routine of craftsmanship. In order to show the influence of the unspoken experiences of war on everyday family life, the metal objects are juxtaposed with both war photographs and family photos that show excerpts from the family's everyday life up to the early 2000s.

Rebekka Bauer (*1991 in Freising, lives in Leipzig) is an artist, curator, author and stage designer. She studied media art with Clemens von Wedemeyer at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and stage design at the Mozarteum Salzburg and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In her artistic work, she uses individual biographies and everyday realities to question processes of subjective and collective historiography. In the rearrangement of photographic archives, objects and everyday items, she refers to cinematic and literary narrative styles using various methods of montage. Working in dialog and collectively is an important part of her practice. She often works with other artists, most recently with Lucia Graf for the joint work "Room with a sink", in which she uses the protagonists A and B to negotiate the themes of touch, communication and closeness. She is part of the Kunstverein Leipzig curatorial collective.

The project is supported by the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, VG Bildkunst/Neustart Kultur and the Kulturfonds der Stadt Freising.

Concept and design: Rebekka Bauer and Katharina Tewes, typography: Katharina Tewes. With a text by Thomas Lindenberg

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