Michikazu Matsune – How did you sleep last night? (signed)

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Performance artist Michikazu Matsune has worked on a conversation project that starts with a simple question: “How did you sleep last night?” This book comprises curious, intimate and sometimes surprising responses by many people—accompanied by dreamy drawings by Marie Vermont. "How did you sleep last night?" / "Small Talk about Sleeping" is developed in the framework of The Institute of Sleepless Nights, a research project devoted to the art of sleeplessness and a wide range of troubles related to the act of sleeping.

Author: Michikazu Matsune 
Drawings: Marie Vermont 
Editing: Miwa Negoro, Brian Haman
Design: Aki Namba

Michikazu Matsune, born in Kobe and based in Vienna, is an artist who works in diverse contexts and formats, ranging from stage performances to interventions in public and private spaces. At the crossroads between documentary and conceptual approaches, in which poetry, humour, the absurd, and criticism meet, his work examines the relationship between identity and globalisation, action and language, public and private. Matsune is the initiator and co-founder of The Institute of Sleepless Nights with Thomas Geiger and Pieternel Vermootel.
Marie Vermont lives in Vienna between pigments, cables, instruments, scores, brushes, noises, paper, mallets, tapes, birds and other conditions.

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