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What is the future of the book?

And, specifically, what is the future of books on art, design and architecture, and cultural-critical publications? We asked a large number of international interested individuals to respond to this question. Journalists, artists, architects, curators, translators, designers, philosophers, sociologists, teachers, book scholars, publishers, printing houses, distributors, booksellers, historians and art-historians, critics, policymakers, editors, students, and many others have enthusiastically shared their views with us, looking ahead five, twenty or seventy-two years (to the year 2100). At times utopian, wildly fantasizing, at other times with realistic scenarios, in both text and images, exciting for anyone who loves books and/or is involved in books and cultural content. Each section of this publication will be designed by various young designers, to celebrate its scope and diversity.

Editors: Pia Pol, Astrid Vorstermans Design: Line Arngaard, Wibke Bramesfeld, Isa Grienberger, Elisabeth Klement (met Katla Einarsdóttir), Zuzana Kostelanská, Dymfy van Meel, Victoria Paeva, Laura Pappa, Lotte Lara Schröder and Irene Stracuzzi

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