Felix Dreesen & Stephan Thierbach – Styrohaus

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The artist's book "Styrohaus" brings together the diverse manifestations of the performative spatial intervention of the same name by Felix Dreesen and Stephan Thierbach. A collection of Styrofoam and Styrodur cut into shape was placed in various constellations and contexts on wastelands, construction sites and in building pits and art exhibitions. A series of images, partly documentary, partly staged, was created, which forms the starting point for this publication. The sculptural work, the interventions carried out with it, the photographs and the artist's book itself are an expression of Dreesen/Thierbach's playful, open and participatory art practice.

Designed by Ricardo Nunes and Dreesen/Thierbach, with texts by Arie Hartog, Christoph Chwatal, Elisabeth Neudörfl.

Riso & digital printing, cardboard cover. Limited edition of 300 numbered copies.

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