Erwin Polanc – Mago Über Verritt

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In his artist book Mago Über Verritt, Erwin Polanc deals with a special view of reality. The selection of images combines images that address vision itself and its perception. His photographs are about the anarchy of things (and the world of things) and refuse any narrative. Rather, in the book they form a radical sequence of exploring and sampling places, traces and relationships. They bear witness to the ability to photograph creatively and to open up an autonomous space for images in the book. The possibilities of the book medium, developed in congenial cooperation with the well-known book designer Oliver Kimpel, are definitely part of this artistic discussion.
The 162 photographs in the body of the book are enclosed in a typographic bracket. The name of the book remains hidden. It can only be found in its entirety on the spine of the book and in the colophon. However, his word components and fragments appear one after the other in the book and now and then meet the images in minimalist, idiosyncratic forms.
Graphic design: Oliver Klimpel, Erwin Polanc

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