Das Wetter Magazine #34

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Das Wetter #34. with Domiziana, Lena Klenke, Die Zweiflers, Hunter Schafer, Tilman Singer, Bangerfabrique, Jakob Nolte, "Trotzdem Sprechen" and many more!

Our second issue in 2024 will be available from 01 July 2024 & in shops from 04.07.24. This issue marks a format change for the second time in weather history. For all those who were there early on: You may remember the roughly square format we started this endeavour with. Then, for practical reasons, we became more classic at some point - and our format approached that of A4 pages. Now we are "oversized" - the first step towards a complete overhaul of Das Wetter. For the time being, this issue is the last to be published on a quarterly basis. The Weather No. 35 will therefore not appear for a good five months (!) - and there are reasons for this.

First of all, with our eleventh birthday coming up soon, we want to renew ourselves again over the next few months, question ourselves as a magazine and see what can be changed so that this work that is so important to us, i.e. making the weather, continues to feel fresh and different. After all, we believe that Das Wetter has always thrived on its unpredictability. If we suddenly felt the need to include more theatre, more visual art or even English-language texts on these pages, we have always simply done so. Also because we trust our readers to always be open to innovation and experimentation. And so we hope that you will also enjoy the experiment that begins with this issue.

Speaking of which: for the upcoming issue, we not only met pop star Domiziana in Berlin-Mitte, had actress Lena Klenke photographed in our Berlin print shop, Druckhaus Sportflieger, and then accompanied her to Cologne and had an in-depth conversation with part of the team behind the excellent series "Die Zweiflers", but also travelled to India.

At the invitation of the Goethe-Institut Delhi, weather editor Katharina Holzmann and our permanent freelancers Amelie Kahn-Ackermann, Tanita Olbrich and Marius Goldhorn travelled to India to bring back interviews, poems, photographs and texts. You can read the results on 40 pages in the new issue.

And what else? Zeynep Bozbay spoke to Hunter Schafer (!) and Tilman Singer about their joint film "Cuckoo", we visited Bangerfabrique in Hamburg, talked to Jakob Nolte about crime fiction - and in this issue we also print four texts from the most important book of the spring: "Trotzdem Sprechen", edited by Lena Gorelik, Miryam Schellbach and Mirjam Zadoff. And: much more!

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