Augustin Rebetez – Very charming animals – Humans

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Augustin Rebetez has always been fascinated by teeth, mouths and jaws, no doubt because that's where the cries of revolutions come from. In "Very charming animals - HUMANS", he explores artificial intelligence and manipulates algorithmically generated portraits, creating fictional human beings who he then subjects to bloody artistic surgery using Photoshop. Which is more monstrous, the artificial intelligence or the artist's stupid manual labour?

Halfway between reality and fiction, digital and DIY, gloom and black humour, Bruce Gilden and Cindy Sherman, these portraits show an unhealthy and polluted humanity, reduced to just another animal. Funny, powerful and hard-hitting, this work is showcased in an elegant book with radical graphics that reinforce the darkness, brutality and strength of this series of images. Produced with the support of the Friends of the Espace Courant d'art in Chevenez and Pro Helvetia.

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