A Passion Thing Magazine Issue #10

A Passion Thing Magazine Issue #10

A Passion Thing Magazine 5 Year Anniversary Party

Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 18:00
Softcover, Stumpergasse 53-55, 1060 Vienna

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Let’s raise our glasses!

Join us for an evening at Softcover, as we celebrate the 5 year anniversary of A Passion Thing Magazine! 
Enjoy great company, music and delicious wine, to toast to many more years of stories, passion and success to come. Mark your calendar! Be part of the celebration, Sandra & Karin

A Passion Thing is a magazine focused on people from around the world who are driven by this wonderful force we call passion. There is a certain energy in what they do and how they do it. When they talk about their work, you can see the sparkle in their eyes and sense the joy, fulfillment, and liberation they feel.

About Sandra Reichl & Karin Novozamsky:

Sandra started A Passion Thing in 2019, an idea that simmered in her mind for over a decade. After working and studying in Stockholm, New York, Berlin, Brisbane, and Vienna, she noticed that she’s always drawn to those who are deeply passionate about what they’re doing. So to better understand their focus and obsession, Sandra began interviewing them and hasn’t been able to stop sharing their enthusiasm ever since.

Karin first laid eyes on the magazine in Sandra’s studio and was immediately captivated. Her interest and fascination led to an invite to contribute, but like Sandra, Karin couldn’t stop there so she became a partner soon after. Together, the duo leads an exceptional team of curious minds from their Vienna-based brand and design agency A Passion Thing, where the magazine is brought to life.

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